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Milcane provides consulting and product management for Internet of Things (IoT), Digital and eCommerce.

We develop IoT, digital and eCommerce strategies for customers and can design project management and delivery processes to suit your organization's needs and culture.

Project Management Process Design and Consulting

There is an ever evolving list of project management methodologies and frameworks:

- SCRUM, Agile;


- Waterfall, spiral

- Lean and XP

and there are nearly as many different approaches to project delivery, including buzzwords like MVP, POC and discovery.

Given all of these options, it's critical to work with project managers who understand - and who have hands on experience with - all these approaches.

Milcane's lead consultant was engaged as part of a team charged with consolidating the project management and delivery methodologies for a large Australian energy company. This ASX listed organization had had recently completed an acquisition of a number of related companies as part of a strategic expansion.

Our consultant reviewed over 50 different project management templates including project plans, project communications and risk management templates (to name just a few) helping the project team to develop a consolidated project framework that fitted the needs of all users and stakeholder groups across the organisation.

IT Project Management Process Design
Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy and Product Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) will change the world as we know it in the same way that the internet has changed our lives over the last 30 years.

Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2020, over $300 Billion will be spent on IoT technologies, products, and services.

Savvy organizations are looking to understand the IoT and where they can take advantage of this seismic shift.

In a recent engagement, we worked with a client to review their existing product strategy and recommended ways to improve their offering to take advantage of emerging IoT technologies.


We conducted an analysis of the client's sales then interviewed over 50 existing and prospective customers. By matching the results of these analyses with IoT technology and trends, we identified new areas for the client to focus on and recommended the most appropriate IoT network technologies for these use cases. The customer pivoted from using Wifi and 3G to using LoRaWAN and Sigfox Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies. They re-focused their product strategy on specific use cases and saw an immediate increase in customer demand.

Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy and Product Management
Digital and Mobile Product Management

The iPhone has changed the world as we know it.


While mobile internet (WAP anyone?) and the smartphone existed well before the iPhone was launched, the design and usage patterns iPhone introduced have driven change like nothing before it.

While there are a plethora of tools out there to help companies create ‘mobile' apps and web sites, developing and managing digital products in a highly crowded and competitive world requires an in-depth knowledge and deep experience in digital and mobile.

Milcane’s Lead consultant was engaged to review the performance of an existing mobile commerce app in order to optimise and grow its usage and commercial performance.


He used a variety of techniques including customer interviews, expert evaluation and analysis of sales and customer data across online and bricks-and-mortar channels. He engaged both internal development team members and business team members as part of the process; identifying then leading the resolution of a number of usability, technical and product management issues that had been driving customer abandonment and decreased mobile sales.


Our work resulted in a 160% increase in orders and a 60% increase in customer retention.

DigitaMobile Product Management
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