Technology Advice

Technology is an essential part of modern business. To be successful and thrive, organisations need to use a range of different software tools such as.


  • Email marketing (eDM)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Social media management and analytics

  • E-Commerce and payment

  • Scheduling and client booking

  • Project management

  • Website analytics and visitor tracking


In the recent National Disability Services Annual Report into how the disability sector is faring, Information, Communications and Technology was identified by providers as the number one area in which the sector needed to improve*.

  • Are you unsure of what tools you need?

  • Or how to choose the right tool to begin with?

  • Do you have existing tools that are under-utilised?


We can help you to choose, implement and manage the right software tools for your business.


Contact the Milcane team to find out more about our services  and to discuss how we can help





*National Disability Services Annual Report, Business Capability Areas, pages 18-19,Feburary 2019.

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